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From the ancient Romans to the glocal network era

How the last 2000 years of history are affecting the new wind of change in Europe and why nobody can stop the future


On March 14, I was invited by Pine Crest School to answer some students’ questions about last political elections in Italy and how they will affect the future of European youth and economy.

Pine Crest School is a private preparatory school with campuses in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Boca Raton. According to the Washington Post in 2012, Pine Crest School ranked second in the nation based on their index. According to the 2017 Niche Rankings, Pine Crest School is the #1 Best Private School in Florida.

In my speech I moved from an historical analysis of the last 2000 years in Italy, because I believe that no future can be understood without knowing the past.

There are two important issues we need to take into consideration in order to analyze Italian today's political situation: the last 2000 years of history and the actual European structure.

Italy is worldwide recognized as one of the cradles of human being and culture. Because of its strategic placement in the Mediterranean, welcoming climate and natural resources, Italy has been always conquered by people from all over the world... as it is still today.

Today Italy is not just a nation, but the result of a mix of cultures, interests and powers from all over the Europe and the Mediterranean African countries. We have been invaded by the Greeks, than we had the Romans and finally we got to a sort of historical sliding door where the two Italies met the Arabs and Spanish in the South while Normans and Longobards in the North: in this sliding door we could find some of the answers about the last political elections results with 5 Stars Movement dominating in the South and the League in the North.

How different history and different cultures can lead to different politics?

When Italy was going to be unified, in 1861, the South was still in the hands of the Spanish and the North wanted to conquer it in order to steal all their gold and finance their new industrial revolution, entering this way the so called "Belle Époque". Italy did not have a peaceful unification at all, whilst a bloody invasion of the South by the North allied with British and other northern European banking, financial and military powers.

After WWI, a lot of weapons were hold by ex soldiers spread around the country, there was a lot of poverty, diseases like malaria and tuberculosis, people were starving and the king was not able to give answers and solve the problems of the new nation. In this big lack of social control, racist and violent powers emerged from the worst of human souls, while a superficial and short-sighted vision of the monarchy opened governments' doors to fascism.

After WWII, the old fascist powers kept controlling strategic decisions in Italy, even collaborating with international powers to avoid communism took off in the "Bel Paese", so whenever the national political power started to move towards left, we had terrorist attacks and murders of politicians, magistrates and priests who fought for freedom.

Mafia grew also well linked to the old fascists and masonic powers in Italy and this way it became hard to destroy it. On the other hand, I believe the actual economic crisis can be an opportunity to do it, moving millions of tired and disappointed people to open their eyes and fight. That's why it is crucial today to seize the day and really act the change we need.

Now let's go to the second point: the European Structure. In the history of capitalism we have always had "economic waves", usually lasting 50 years each. They are called “Kondratiev waves”, from the Russian economist who discovered it and because of it he was killed by Stalin. These waves, like all ocean ones, have their highs and lows, with peaks of growth and recessions. The first peak we had it in 1815 with the steam engine discovery and implementation, the second one in 1865 with the railway steel, the third in 1915 with the electrical and chemical engineering, the forth in 1965 with petrochemicals and automobiles. Following this rule, the next peak should have already been in 2015 thanks to the information technology drive and the reason this is not happening helps understanding more about today's crisis and future solutions.

In my last book, "To Want is To Change - Facts and Proposals over the Crisis", I published some researches I made over the last years and they lead to this conclusion: the big global financial powers want to delay the next economic boom as much as possible, because from their actual privileged position they can get much more. Wars have always happened at the end of a recession, but today a WWIII would mean a planetary destruction and this is why today we are living just a kind of a WWIII made of financial slavery and antidemocratic exploitation instead of having a real war.

While after WWII we had democracies raising worldwide, now we have an inverse trend: in the US there is a fake alternative of democrats and republicans, in Russia and China we have two big oligarchies top-down controlling social and economic power, in the EU we have an élite not directly elected by people who print and manages a coin without a State and decides rules for our daily lives. The actual European structure let this élite decide how much money a national State can get, how much debt a State could or couldn't make, how much flexibility a State can have, this way forcing States to sell out their “jewelry” in case they don’t make it to pay back their debts, losing all strategic assets like railways, communication infrastructures, public banks, sky routes, energy sources management, cultural heritage and so on. This is something we cannot accept anymore and this is the main reason why 5 Stars Movement and League got all this consensus at the last elections, since they are seen by people like the only political parties raising against the big elitist monster getting more and more fat on austerity, unemployment and people desperation. The 5 Stars Movement is for a United Europe while League is more extreme right oriented. The actual EU structure is definitely working against a united and supportive EU itself.

Moving ahead to students’ questions, why we still do not get the change we need?

When we hear about instability or Berlusconi still ruling Italy, it is just what the big establishment wants us to discuss, instead of talking about change and how we should destabilize their power in order to make our rights respected. The last thing they want is to let you discover you can really change things.

So, we all want to get more stability but what does stability really mean? Stability means markets who since the late '80 in Italy owns our State, financial markets borrowing money to Italy’s Governments and this way they control democracy, social rights, hopes and future.

If we go back controlling financial end economic simuluses independently or go ahead to create a Federal Reserve in EU, this could cause for sure instability in the short term, but for sure it will bring more stability for the future to the majority of the people, especially youth.

Regarding Berlusconi, he is still in the field because he is linked to the very old and powerful interests in Italy, but he could have been kicked out of Parliament many years ago or even not let entering the Parliament because of his conflict of interests with his TVs. The time a politician surfs the wave (in his case more than 25 years) really depends on how he controls/buys the ones who are supposed to be his political opponents. The 5SM is the only political power that can get rid of him and all his entourage apparently spread inside right and left parties, at least among the people who are still linked to the old powers of the so called “First Republic” (‘46/‘92).

Answering different students’ questions about “trumpism” and the mood-driven vote, nowadays it is not a political party that wins, it is not a complex system made of ideologies, values and credible people, but it is just a mood that wins and how do you surf the mood? By just tweeting and managing algorithms. The lack of ideologies has left us in a very chaotic and dangerous impasse. The ancient Greek art of politics has been supplied by algorithms that decide who can control a nation and this makes most of us facing the hard times we live today. For sure we know we need to stop all this.

Regarding your queries related to mass immigration and consequent political reactions, I can say that until we will keep exporting wars and instability, we will import for sure desperate refugees. Refugees today in Italy are also a big business for mafia, as well as a business that influences elections and like all big business that influence political powers is across-the-board: this is another reason why we need an across-the-board political power like 5SM to solve this kind of issues. Forced immigration is a tool used to devaluate internal labor force, forcing locals to accept lower wages and less working rights. Although we have the moral duty to welcome human beings in such difficult situations, we also have the political duty to stop capitalistic colonization in Africa and the Middle East while helping such poor civilizations to become self-sufficient and free.



Q: If the Five Star Movement goes through and Italy decides to leave the European Union, how would this affect other countries' relations with Italy?

A: 5SM wants to change Europe inside Europe non leaving European union: more flexibility, less austerity, solidarity between northern and southern countries (not exploitation by the north against the south like today), so no worries for EU with 5SM striking through. Changing European agreements rules does not mean leaving the European Union.

Q: What would happen if the Five Star Movement and other movements such as centre-left and centre-right fused together to govern? What steps and precautions would they have to take in order to make the government run as smoothly as possible?

A: I don't think 5SM or League want to fuse together in order to govern: the proposal of 5SM at the moment is to agree for a government based on a common program, then going to elections asap if this is not possibile. We live in a very unstable global era and it is better to face instability in order to get the change we need, instead of seeking for a fake stability through old political methods and keep everything unstable as it is.


Q: How does the voting work in Italy? Like what if there is a dead tie between the Five Stars and the League?

A: Voting rules in Italy change almost before each elections and this is a big problem, it is like we go to play baseball tomorrow and we change rules the night before. Italians voted for change in politics and political change today is represented by FSM and League. Anyway, I honestly wish we will get to new elections asap but with fair and clear rules.

Q: Is Berlusconi actually considered option for Prime Minister?

A: He is still out of the Parliament because of his problems with justice and I don't think he will be the PM again anymore, although he still influences the Parliament using his “puppets”.


Q: To what extent does Italy's history influence its current political system?

A: Ages of wars, conquers and such many different cultures spread around the country, really make Italy a vulnerable prey of external powers like powerful banks and multinational enterprises stretching their hands on the most beautiful country in the world. Latins used to say: "Divide et Impera", meaning that if you want to control a nation you should first put people against each other. All this really makes change a complex challenge, but I believe we are in the right historical moment to make good things happen.

Q: Do you think Italy's government should change? How?

A: France is a Presidential Republic, people directly vote for the President, also using a second ballot in case the candidate does not make it at the first step. This helps stability and above all make everybody know who wins and governs. Global issues cannot be faced and managed “ocelot style” (change everything to change nothing). A global revolution driven by more direct democracy can change countries, because today countries cannot change themselves just from the inside. Powers influencing the world are global and we cannot give local answers to global issues. I think we need to create a big global network based on common principle and work for a World Parliament.


Q: Why is there such a big percentage of support for Berlusconi, even after all of the terrible things he has done?

A: The old establishment still bets on Berlusconi’s political power. His TVs are a strategic asset with many employees and they depend on his political power. Also some masonic and mafia infiltrations have been recognized as part of his political party.


Q: Clearly the ongoing election in Italy is frightening to most people in Italy and around the world due to the lack of beneficial and logical candidates. However, when did Italy's path of government instability begin and why has it not been able to be fixed or maintained?

A: After fascism, at the end of WWII, the politicians involved in the reconstruction of the country, voted for a Constitution structured on a Parliamentary Republic, which means decisions are made by the Parliament not by the PM. Parliamentary Republic means more democracy but also less stability. Beside this, we should recognize that politics only help distributing richness and we are facing a global instability phase. The capitalist era also clearly showed in more than 200 years that economic booms helped stabilizing governments, so we should focus more on what we can do to facilitate the next positive peak.


Q: How does the rise of the League compare to the rise of Mussolini prior to World War II?

A: Mussolini got the power in a very bizarre way. The mother of the king had a strong influence on her son and she was a Mussolini’s fan. The fascists would have never been able to get to Rome if the king would have signed the “state of siege”, which he didn’t do at the right time and still today we don’t know why. League as just 17% of the votes at the moment. I forecast that in the near future they will grow, but the military system and the international influence today would definitely avoid a dictatorship degeneration. Anyway League has voters who are fascism aficionados.

Q: How would it be possible for a far-left party (5 Stars) and a far-right party (League) to make a coalition when the majority of their principles are complete opposites even though they may have similar goals/consequences?

A: 5SM is a post-ideological and cross ideological political movement. No coalition is possible between a racist party and a post-ideological party, so the 5SM proposal at the moment is just a temporary agreement on essential actions before going back to vote with fair rules.


Q: Why does it seem that there are so few women in Italian politics?

A: Never so many in history as today, especially through 5SM, even if still less than in the States. Personally, I am still waiting for a female pope, beside finally having a woman as PM.


Q: How do you think Italy’s prior history with fascism has affected the current political climate.

Fascist roots are still alive and easy to re-raise. Extremists get power when democray does not work. We can overcome this risk immediately starting to solve people problems.


Q: How do you feel about the current political situation in Italy?

A: I am not scared at all, I feel excited. We are just crossing a bridge. The next global economic boom will happen by the next 10/15 years at least and we just need to be well prepared, seizing this crisis as an opportunity.


Q: What is your opinion on Italy's state with regards the current economic and sociopolitical state?

A: Italy to me is the best country in the world, although we need to destabilize old “white mafia” powers and get to the change we need. It’s now or never.

Q: What's your outlook on the future of Italy? (Optimistic/Pessimistic)

A: Definitely optimistic.


Q: How has the success/failure of Italian government in the past shaped the current political structure?

A: Economics is not determined but just influenced by politics, because politics just manages innovation and economic results, but the way politics distributes economic results can determine peace and well-being. In the past Italian politicians created an high public debt and drove the country into the Euro System without asking citizens their opinion. We should move to a more participated era that can allow a better control by the people on the politicians.

Q: How does the Italian electoral system compare to that of America?

A: I consider both systems not good for many reasons, but at least in the States you know who wins and rules the day after the elections.


In conclusion, let's go back to the initial question: "what is change?" We cannot think at local problems today without thinking at global solutions. So first of all, if I were you, today, I would get connected to whoever is willing to create a third independent political power in the US, a sort of 5SM but in an American version, far from the fake alternative powers like democrats/republicans, then start to act locally but with a global vision on environment, direct democracy, participation, green energy, public water, respect and rediscovering of cultural and traditional roots, world peace, world communication, thinking and growing as a human race and not as local powers in war against each other, because war (for religion, gas, weapons, food...) is a war between poors that the 1% who owns the real power in the world wants the other 99% to fight between themselves.

Global financial powers keep this “war between poors” alive by controlling information, global debt, world trade, strategic wars, energy and also water supply in the last years. So getting back to control this power from the bottom and transform it into everybody's freedom and happiness, this is the real revolution we should immediately start, starting from our daily behaviors, knowledge and passions.

It is very important, first to have a very solid knowledge of history, then knowing how information sources are managed. Who creates information today? To which kind of power they are connected to? 'Cause everything is power: we have the power of the people, of goods, weapons or gas multinational corporations, the religious power and so on. We should build a new global peaceful and democratic political power based on the participation of the so called 99% vs the 1% and we can make it through the net.

Worlds dominators don’t want us to fight against them, they want us to fight between us, while on the other hand we want to fight for change and believe we can make it happen.


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